John Smart is a filmmaker and fine-art photographer who resides with his wife and three children in Santa Barbara, California.

At the early age of 6, inspired by his father, Jim Smart, and his passion for photography, John developed a keen eye for framing beautiful, spur-of-the-moment compositions with his father’s 35mm cameras. This interest developed into a desire to translate these images into a career in both photography and filmmaking.

Early in his career, Smart worked under the tutalege of the legendary surf-filmmaker and renowned artist Thomas Campbell, contributing to his films “Sprout,” “The Present” and “Dear & Yonder”.

These experiences led to further collaborations with surf industry clients including ROXY, Quiksilver, Bing Surfboards, Kookbox, M.Nii, Honey Magazine (Japan), Blue Magazine (Japan) & NIXON watches. Smart later produced three original series for the MotorTrend Channel now streaming on Amazon.

In addition to his experiences traveling the globe as a surf filmmaker and cinematographer, Smart has spent the better part of 13 years working in the Hollywood film industry as a Location Scout and Location Manager. He has lent his photographic eye and management skills to major Hollywood productions including Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3”, HBO’s “LUCK”, NBC’s “Law & Order: Los Angeles”, NBC's "Crisis", FOX Tv's "BONES", "ICE", Showtimes "Shameless" and countless GEICO commercials.